Friday, 26 December 2008

Outlook based multi-month calendar v2

The following script is version 2 of a macro that I have published in an earlier article.

Yearly Calendar version 2

What it does:
It displays all your Outlook appointments (longer than 0 minutes) for a number of months (you choose which) on one page.

What is new?
1) It is now a vbs script and no longer a Macro. Scripts are easier to run than macros - just double click the file "Yearly Calendar v2.vbs" (after downloading, rename the "Yearly Calendar v2.txt" file into "Yearly Calendar v2.vbs" first).
2) There are 3 output formats now (instead of one):
- one month per row
- one month per column
- 7 columns (Monday through Friday)
3) The restitution of Outlook appointment label colors is improved. They now also work for the non default calendars.

For the other features please refer to my previous article.